Your Voxel World, Your Way

Your Adventure Awaits!

Build out your own Voxel world, install gameplay mechanics, characters and stories. All which can be listed and traded as NFTs in the ZEUS marketplace.

Endless Worlds

World generation

The creation and generation of worlds in Voxel Worlds takes place according to a unique seed. After purchasing the NFT world, the user is given a unique code which stores in blockchain and allow to enter Voxel Worlds. The system shows the user in real time how his unique world is created and formed. Each seed is unique and stores all the information about this world - all buildings, modifications, locations, and so on. At the initial stage, 10,000 unique worlds are available, each of which differs in landscape, the number of minerals (which can be mined or sold), size, and unique characteristics.


Our Avatars


Our Worlds

Become a creator

World Editing

In the virtual space of Voxel Worlds, players can build worlds, apply various gameplay mechanics to create their own games and develop characters and stories in a decentralized ecosystem. All of these creations can be listed as in-game building lots and traded as NFTs on the marketplace.


Earning opportunities

Mining & Crafting

Mining resources and their further sale. This includes all types of mining and crafting, the creation of farms and workshops. It is the easiest and least profitable way to earn money.


PVP and PVE battles, this includes all types of earnings on quests, tournaments and other similar competitions.

Creating & Trading

Creation of boxes, skins, textures for the purpose of subsequent sale or rent.

Creation of games, locations in which there will be a paid entrance.

Creation of shops and sale of various goods in them.

what's inside



System worlds

System worlds are the worlds that are only available to holders of 2D and 3D NFT collections offered by ZEUS partners. These worlds differ in that they already have readymade game locations and special zones that are not available to owners of ordinary worlds. System worlds are not limited in size. The design of the system worlds corresponds to the themes of the NFT collections, and the locations tell the story of one or another NFT hero. In systemic worlds, each holder is an owner and can influence development and participate in management.



Voting is carried out through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which guarantees the purity and transparency of the approval of laws or innovations. The more ZEUS tokens a user has, the more voting power they have. The system calculates the results in proportion to the weight of the user in the system, taking into account the total number of voters.


Chars, Objects

User can improve his character, gain experience in order to unlock new skills, skins, additional accessories, as well as items for improvement.
Entities are animate animated NFTs, including both playable characters and NPCs, as well as various animals and creatures.
Equipment - NFTs that can be placed in the player's inventory. They are needed to help the player complete game tasks. For example, sword, shield, helmet, gloves, armor.
Wearables are cosmetic items that will change the appearance of the player's avatar. They can be mixed and matched to give players a unique outfit style for their avatars. For example, T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, hat, glasses.
Art - These NFTs serve primarily as visual decorative elements. For example, framed paintings, statues, landmarks.



    Q4 2022

  • Completed! 10 000 Voxel Worlds NFTs
  • Completed! 10 000 Voxel Avatars NFTs
  • Completed! Metamask auth system for Voxel Worlds NFTs holders
  • Completed! Windows and MacOS game versions
  • Completed! World generation from Voxel Worlds NFTs
  • Completed! Avatars control system with 1st and 3rd person camera
  • Completed! Build system
  • Completed! More than 150 different blocks + half blocks + stairs blocks integrated

    Q4 2022

  • Completed! Creative mode
  • Completed! Build Editor
  • Completed! Single player mode
  • Completed! Multiplayer – users can build and destroy together
  • Completed! Save System for Single Player and Multiplayer. System works with Local savings & Server Savings
  • Completed! Contest mode – integration with Chainverse Testnet contracts
  • Completed! Console commands (Professional builder script)
  • Completed! Video settings for Windows version

    Q1 2023

  • Completed! Release Professional builder script (rotate, copy, paste)
  • Completed! Resource mining, Treasure Hunting, Item crafting
  • Completed! Health, Experience, Stamina

    Q2 2023

  • Completed! New game modes: Adventure & Survival
  • Completed! NPC & Mobs System
  • Completed! Monster Hunting

    Q3 2023

  • Runtime Editor
  • Crystals Mechanics (Logics)

    Q4 2023

  • Farming, Fishing
  • Trading System
  • Access Control & Roles for System Map